Tastes like chicken


"Tastes like chicken": comments from the director of the film

The work of Brazilian director Quico Meirelles "Tastes like chicken" has caused a storm of different reviews, thoughts and emotions. Someone liked the movie, because it touches quite thin threads, someone was outraged by the fact that we showed a picture that was not always pleasant to see. Yes, we agree that the film is fairly complex, with deep meaning. In life, not everything is always rosy, beautiful and fluffy. The film showed the reality, without exaggerating it, but rather the opposite =)

We caught up with Quico Meirelles - author of the work in order to learn the story behind the scenes, how the idea of this movie appeared, and what the director wanted to showcase.

Quico Meirelles: "My mother is a dancer, and father is a director, I grew up watching the best performances in theaters, and not only. It is clear that all this influenced my choice to go to film school =)

"Tastes like chicken" - this is my thesis at the University of Sao Paulo. The idea came to me after reading the book «Eating Animals» (Jonathan Safran Foer), which deals with the technologies of growing animals and poultry. This book impressed me so much that I wanted to talk about this to more and more people. In 2012 and 2013, my work has been selected for film festivals around the world. It's cool, because I had the opportunity to meet with completely different people and see their reaction to my work, which is the best experience for the director. "

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